Time of Crisis

How do I recruit a general/governor?

Select an unavailable general/governor and pay their cost.

How do I take the Place Governor action?

Select an available governor and then the province you want to take over. Don't forget to spend enough senate influence points before rolling the dice!

What does the "Automatic" button do during the Place Governor action?

It spends enough influence to guarantee success, and then places the governor without rolling the dice (so that you can still undo if you change your mind). This can only be used in neutral provinces where each die is a guaranteed vote.

How do I take the Create Army action?

Select an available general and then the province you want to create the army in.

How do I take the Initiate Battle action?

Select an army (general or militia) and then the target you want to attack.

How to Increase Support Level, Place Militia, Hold Games, or Build Improvement?

Select the governor in the region you want to take the action.

How do I use the event on a card?

Once the card is in your "Played" area you can click it again to use the event. The card will turn dark once its effect has been used.

"Cavalry", "Flanking Maneuver", "Spiculum", and "Triumph" can only be played in combat.

"Ambitus" and "Damnatio Memoriae" can only be played during the Place Governor action.