Friedrich: Notes

How do I transfer troops?

You can transfer troops before you move a stack. Detach a general who should stay behind and you can transfer troops between the moving and non-moving generals using the [Give] and [Take] buttons.

How do I recruit troops?

All recruiting is done at the end of your moves. After you click [End Movement] you will be prompted to pay for and recruit troops when it is possible.

How do I recruit eliminated generals and supply trains?

Select them where they are placed off-map (near the top of the map) to bring them back to your depot.

Where is the set-aside card for the Prussian Offensive Option?

Down in the "Clock of Fate" panel which also shows which Strokes of Fate have occurred, and the most recent Fate card.

Which deck do the cards come from?

Hold down shift to see the reverse side of card in hand and in the game log. On mobile you can click the all-seeing eye to toggle this display.

Which roads did a general use to move?

If you mouse-over the movement entry in the log, the path taken will light up on the map. Click the entry and the destination city will scroll into view.

How many cards are in each discard pile?

Each visible card in a pile represents approximately 5 cards.

Why can I see (and count) other player's hands?

In live play you can keep track of what other players are holding and playing if you pay attention. Since the information is always available by studying the game log, the only obfuscation we add is making it visually annoying to count the exact numbers.