Andean Abyss: Implementation Notes

Why can't I choose that space for an event?

You must execute an event as fully as possible. If there are spaces where you can implement the full event text, you must pick one of these spaces.

Why aren't Shipments held by removed Guerrillas transferred immediately?

Dropped Shipments are only transferred at the end of an Event, Special Activity, or Operation in a space. We introduced this slight delay to reduce the number of play interruptions when opponents are asked to make choices.

Can I remove a Shipment instead of giving it to an enemy faction?

Yes! This is an errata to rule 4.5.3. Change "if possible, otherwise" to "or".

Note that 3.3.3 Captured Goods, 4.4.2 Commandeer, and 4.5.4 Contraband override the ability to remove shipments. Contraband allows the Cartels to decide whether to allow a removal.