300: Earth & Water - Notes

Some rules clarifications:

Can Persian supply attrition be taken from armies in Abydos or Ephesus in order to leave a large stack in greece for the next campaign?

No. Persian supply attrition can only be taken from armies in Greece.

Can Themistocles be used to transport armies?

No, because this is a reaction move and the armies would stay at sea. This is not allowed.

Who plays next after Molon Labe is played for a Greek land movement?

This is a reaction card played during the Persian Turn. The Greek player turn is next (to move, play an event or pass).

If the "Sudden Death" is drawn and both Darius and Xerxes are already dead, is the operation phase still canceled?


When during the turn can Pausanias be played?

Before the first round of combat.

If I want to attack with the bonus from Miltiades, do I need to play another card to move first?

Yes. The Miltiades card is a reaction event. It can be played as a reaction to your own move, or during your opponent's turn.

Must an attacker take the shortest road, or can they take a circuitous route in order to retreat to a city other than the one they came from?

This implementation assumes you took the shortest path if you started adjacent to the battle.

Can fleets retreat to a friendly controlled city where there are enemy fleets in the port?


Can Greece burn the bridge if they move to Abydos even if there is no land battle?

The rules say they may burn the bridge if they control Abydos after a land battle. It makes little sense to forbid burning the bridge if the Persians against all odds have left the city undefended.